How to pick the right house and office clearance company

It seems that over the past few years we have seen a rise of more and more home and office clearance companies in London and around the UK who claim to be able to clear your property quickly, cheaply and with minimal fuss.
Whilst this is true in the majority of cases, there are some rogue traders around who may not be as great as they seem! But how can you tell apart the good form the bad?
Here at Go House Clearance we are a reputable company that offers quality house and office clearance in London but always at a fair price. With this in mind we have put together the things to look out for when selecting a house or office clearance company.
Know where your waste is going
A good home and office clearance company will be able to tell you exactly what they plan to do with the waste and rubbish that they have taken from your house. The reason for this, and something that you may not realise is that you are responsible for all the rubbish and waste that is taken from your property.
If you do not choose a reputable company then you may be at risk of them fly tipping your waste which can result in a fine for you and extra expense.
Check the paperwork
Much like many things in life, it is important to ensure that the right licenses, insurance and certifications are in place to protect you and your home. A home and office clearance company will need to have a variety of different licences and insurances to ensure that they are operating safely and within the law.
The most important ones that they should have, and the ones that you should ask for proof of during those early stages are:
• Waste Carriers License- companies that transport waste and rubbish within the UK must have a waste carrier’s license that is issued by the Environment Agency. These do have an expiry date which should be valid and in date at all times they are operating.

Their internet presence
With the rise of the internet also has come the rise of the online review. A forum within which customers, both happy and disgruntled can leave their comments on the service they received.
By quickly typing the company name in a search engine you should be met with opinions from real people as well as some more information about the company itself.
You can check their address, their telephone number and whether or not they have a set up website; all aspects of a reputable company that can help you to trust in the service that they will provide you with.
So there you have it, the things we believe set apart a great clearance company from one that isn’t quite so good.
We hope that this helps you to find the right one for you and your house and office clearance needs.

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