Probate Property Clearance at House In Chiswick

Chiswick Bereavement House Clearance

Location: Chiswick

Date: January 2020

The Go Clearance team headed to clear out a home that was in probate in the leafy area of Chiswick. The property was a large four-bed house that was full of paperwork that needed to be disposed of quickly and correctly.

Dealing with the estate of a deceased person can be a difficult time, and so the client chose Go House Clearance as their professional property clearance company. We were required to get the job done in a timely manner and as with all probate jobs that we attend, we ask that all items of personal value are taken out of the house and all that is left is rubbish and goods that are no longer wanted by loved ones and family members.

Clearing Paperwork From the Property

Despite the house being quite large, with so much clutter it felt quite cramped as we collated up over 80 years’ worth of paperwork! Go House Clearance are registered with the Environmental Agency, so we always dispose of any junk and clutter properly using the right channels and this job was no exception.

We calculated that on this occasion we removed over 1.5 tonnes of paper, which was no small task. There were shelves, desks, sideboards and bookcases full of old and dusty paperwork that needed to be collated up and taken out of the house in large heavy duty bags.  

Emptying the House in Chiswick

Chiswick House Clearance

With the paperwork shifted out and disposed of, it was on to the remaining items no longer wanted by the property owners. Much of what is removed during a house clearance is not worthy of keeping hold of, but any furniture that is salvageable is sold on to be upcycled and given a new lease of life. Many items in the Chiswick house were only worthy of being thrown away due to them being so old and tired.

Leaving a Tidy Property

Once the team had stripped everything out of the house and the property was left completely empty, the owners with a large spacious house, albeit looking rather dated. The team grabbed a few ‘after’ pictures and headed off to the next job leaving the owners to survey the condition of the house and to decide what they would like to do next. Hopefully, the house will get some new tenants who will appreciate the large rooms and put their own stamp on it.

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We cover the whole of London, so whether you have a flat that needs to be emptied or house that is full and needs to be decluttered, give us a call and we can help. We pride ourselves on our affordable rates and providing a professional service, which is why many of our clients who handle probate jobs use us time and time again.