Probate Clearance in London

Location: Crystal Palace SE19

Date: August 2020

Probate Clearance in Crystal Palace

Go Clearance provide professional probate clearances to customers throughout London for Will executors who are obliged by law to obtain several quotes for house clearances. Our team are able to provide a quote to clear a property, but not to value the items left by the deceased.

Fixed House Clearance Costs

On this occasion, a family member gave us a call to provide a quote to empty the property in SE19, which was full of items that had been hoarded over many years. Having been quoted by several companies, the customer chose Go Clearance based on our expertise and our competitive price. Not only this, unlike many of our competitors, we are able to provide a fixed quote ahead of the work before we start the job.

Taking on the Probate House Clearance

This probate job was one of the biggest we have been involved in with items in the property dating back to the 1950s. We set aside a target of two weeks to complete the process of clearing the 4 bedroom house and the garage. The scale of tapes, books, magazines and paperwork was huge and what was also time-consuming was the fact it was mixed in with general household waste. In the interest of trying to recycle as much as possible, the probate clearance team tried to salvage any furniture or household good that could be upcycled, while at the same time sorting the paperwork which is recyclable. There were even two upright pianos to be moved out of the house.

Just to give insight into the scale of this probate house clearance –

  • 10,000 VHS Tapes
  • 10,000 Audio Tapes
  • 7 tonnes of paper dating back to the 1950s
  • 7 tonnes of general household items
  • 2 pianos

Putting Our House Clearance Experience to Good Use

Having dealt with many probate clearances across London, we knew that our tried and tested specialist approach was the most efficient way to remove the paperwork and dispose of it properly. We took a number of pictures to show the scale of this job, but it was really hard to capture the fact that it was not even possible to walk into rooms as the junk and clutter was literally waist high in the doorway and then stacked up to the ceiling around the edges.

There were shelving units stack in front of each other, all completely full throughout the house making it impossible to access or see behind each shelving unit, hence the fact the job took two weeks.

Clearing the Upstairs

Our before and after photos show just how cluttered the 4 bedrooms were, and how hard our probate clearance worked to get the house emptied and ready to sell on.

Bedroom 1

As the images show, there was an abundance of paperwork, furniture, magazines and paperwork to sort through not to mention the heavy piano to take downstairs and out of the house.

Once the junk and paperwork had been removed and sorted, the room left behind was a considerable size, nice and light too!

Bedroom 2

Stacked from floor to ceiling with boxes, bedroom 2 was full of paperwork and furniture.

Probate clearances can be sensitive but the executor was happy to have our help onboard given the number of items that needed to be removed, and bedroom 2 showed how much living space was actually available once the hoarded rubbish was taken out of the property.

Bedroom 3

There was barely any room to work in bedroom 3, with furniture and shelving blocking most of the space.

Nothing gets in the way of our London house clearance team though, and it was soon emptied leaving behind a light and airy bedroom space, pretty much unrecognisable!

Bedroom 4

This bedroom was the occupant’s mother’s bedroom who died some years ago and was left mostly as it was so it contained the least amount of clutter. Probate clearances are sensitive, but we make sure the executor was happy any items they wanted to keep safe were removed before we got to work emptying the space.

Loft Space

Clearing the loft is all part of our service, and is often one of the more tricky places to sort through depending on the condition of the floor and if there is any lighting. Our dedicated team are used to working in these tricky conditions and as you can see do a professional job.

Clearing the Downstairs Rooms

The ground floor of the property was rather dated and full of items hoarded over many years. Wherever possible, any items that were reusable were collected up and for recycling/upcycling, the papers collated and recycled and the household waste removed and disposed of via the correct channels.

Garage Clearance

The garage was simply an over spill of the house, containing additional tapes, shelves, books and clutter, but once sorted and free of rubbish it made for an impressive space and will be extremely useful for the next occupant. Garage clearances are often forgotten about, but with professional help the space can be made usable once again.

In London and Require a Probate Clearance Service?

We provide a full range of probate clearances including all residential properties such houses, bungalows, flats and apartments, taking on even garages, lofts and sheds to leave the property vacant and ready for the executor to move on to the next step.

As we stated in the case study, we provide an upfront fixed quote that we agree before the job and stick to it. Why not give us a call if you have a house clearance to complete in London?