Knightsbridge Flat Clearance

Room full of junk at Flat clearance job in Knightsbridge

Location: Knightsbridge SW1 Date: July 2021

The Go Clearance team visited the flat in Richmond Court, Knightsbridge to assess the required flat clearance work for a 5th floor property. Unfortunately, the tenant had passed away and the family required a reliable flat clearance company to empty the property before it was returned to the landlord to be rented out.

Delivering a Quick Turnaround

In order to avoid paying another month’s rent on the flat, the family of the deceased enquired about the quick removal of the remaining furniture and unwanted belongings from the flat. Despite the service elevator being out of action for over a week once a quote had been provided, the Go Clearance team were still able to have property restored to a clean and empty state in just two days.

Full Kitchen at Flat Clearance job in Knightsbridge
Lounge full of junk at Flat Clearance in Knightsbridge
Wardrobe to be cleared out at Flat Clearance in Knightsbridge

Flat Clearance Specialists in London

Having spoken with the family about the flat in London, we provided a flat clearance quote they were happy with and got to work emptying the rented property and returning it in an empty state to the property owner. As the flat clearance pictures show, there was a packed lounge full of items to remove from the fifth floor. The team sorted their way through the clutter before moving on to the bedroom, where the wardrobes and cupboards were full to the brim, understandable given the deceased had rented the property for several decades.

There was also the kitchen clutter to clear out and a small balcony area, both of which were no problem for our experienced clearance professionals.

Empty Kitchen at Flat Clearance job in Knightsbridge
Empty Lounge at Flat Clearance job in Knightsbridge
Empty Wardrobe at Flat Clearance job in Knightsbridge

Keeping Cautious Due to COVID

Throughout the pandemic, we have for the majority of the time been able to continue to work, helping customers to clear properties across London. However, we have remained cautious when it comes to being in contact with customers and this job was no different. We were able to pick up the keys from the concierge and then dropped them off once we had completed the flat clearance.

Flat Clearance Completion

The flat clearance in Richmond Court was a success, with the work completed in just two days and a satisfied customer. Around 50% of the contents have been reused and the remainder recycled in line with current regulations. Prior to our team entering the property, we asked that a family member go into the property and remove any belongings they wanted to keep. This ensures that when the team get to the flat to clear it, that anything left can be removed with confidence.

If you have a flat or house in Knightsbridge, or anywhere in the surrounding areas of London that requires a professional clearance, then please do get in touch.