House Clearance in Richmond, South West London

Richmond House Clearance

Location: Richmond

Date: February 2020

Richmond is a hugely popular location in South West London where there are a number of large well looked after properties. We were contacted by a client to empty a house ahead of renovation work, as the house was looking a little run down and was brimming with junk.

The house had been empty for around a year and was full of old furniture, belongings and paperwork that were no longer required as the former occupant had taken everything they wanted to keep with them when they vacated.

Richmond Clearance Overview

The entire house needed clearing including the furnishings such as sofas, wardrobes, bed frames and the remaining white goods too. Any items of personal importance had been removed at our request by the client ahead of us going into the house.

We were able to pull up on to the drive with our van which meant the job was a bit easier as we could get all the large and heavy items loaded up with ease. The rather cluttered house did take a fair amount of time to strip out, but with our dedicated team, all the rooms were soon clear and ready for our client to inspect.

Garage Clearance

Many properties in the Richmond area come with a garage, which provides ideal storage space. This garage was no different and was full of junk that needed to be sorted such as some very sad looking Christmas decorations and old armchairs that had been damaged so were not fit for anywhere else other than the recycling centre.

The team tackled the garage space and had it emptied out and the contents loaded in our van. We generally head to the recycling centre with anything of no value or that is damaged but any other goods get taken back to our depot to be assessed and much of it is upcycled and sold on.

Clear Lounge in House in Richmond
South West London House Clear

Feedback from Our Richmond House Clearance

The client was delighted to have their property back in a useable state and they had a good look round the property once we had finished up.

The client mentioned that they hoped that wouldn’t need to use a house clearance service again as they were a little annoyed that the previous occupant had allowed so much rubbish to build up. However, they were delighted with the effort of the team and mentioned that should they find themselves with another house to empty, they would certainly be in touch with Go Clearance.

This client also found out about us through a work colleague, so it was great to hear that a previous customer had helped us land this Richmond clearance.

Do you require a house clearance in Richmond or South West London?

If you have a flat, house or garage that needs clearing, we would love to hear from you.

We can provide you with a free quote to clear out the property and will provide a professional service that will enable you to start from scratch with a nice empty home. Not only this, but you can also trust that your waste will be disposed of properly as we are registered and licensed with the environmental agency. So if you need a workforce and tools to clear out a house, call Go House Clearance.