Large House Clearance in Tooting, South London.

House Clearance Tooting

Location: Tooting

Date: March 2019

Having previously worked with the client before for a house clearance in Streatham, we were approached again this time to empty a large property in Tooting after a relative had sadly passed away. The customer who resides overseas gave us a call based on his previous experience of working with us, as he needed to set a date for the house clearance to take place which also needed to tie in with his plans to visit the UK to sort out the sale of the estate.

House Clearance Tooting
House Clearance Tooting

Three-bed house clearance in Tooting

Speaking to the customer ahead of the property clearance, we established that most of the items accumulated over a lifetime inside the house could be reused or recycled as only a few items were wanted by the client. This meant the Go Clearance team could work quickly to sort out the rubbish from items that could be reused, recycled or sold. After a family bereavement, probate house clearing jobs can be difficult and potentially sensitive so we worked quickly in a short time frame.

Shed clearance

In the garden of the property was a large shed that also needed to be emptied, sorted and dismantled. Again the objective was to recycle items where possible and to responsibly dispose of any rubbish. The shed was full of old garden tools that were collated up and donated to a local charity. We then dismantled the shed which was easy enough for the team as it was in a rather sorry state. This too was disposed of ahead of the sale of the house and freed up lots of space in the garden of the property.

We are a house clearance company who take responsibility

We take responsibility for all the waste from any house clearance and this job in Tooting was no different. We priced up the job in advance of the work allowing for full transparency of the job involved. By choosing a trusted house clearance company such as Go Clearance you can have confidence that your waste is going to be correctly disposed of, as we are registered with the Environmental Agency.

As with any home that has been left when somebody passes away, there was a huge amount of personal belongings, carpets, furniture and white goods to be sorted out and where possible recycled.

On finishing the job, the customer was left with a totally clear semi-detached house that was ready to be put on the market.

Completed House Clearance Tooting
Completed House Clearance Tooting